Client Love

Our family of dogs - and owners - are our pride and joy. 

Our clients say it best.  Here's what some special friends think.

"Polly's classes helped me understand my dog's behavior from my dog's perspective. Polly stresses the importance of understanding the way in which your dog learns. Human-canine communication and "reading" your dog comprise  the foundation of her problem-solving style. Now training is fun for both my dog and for me, and this allows us to work as partners to achieve our training goals."

-- Mark, Poughkeepsie

Meet Drift, who is a big fan of K9 Nose Work.

"Polly came to the rescue! We had our new pup, 3 1/2 month old Australian Cattle dog mix, for five days when I called Polly. Pepper was crazy. We were his third home and he was running the house. I joke and say the family was going to have a "four-way divorce."  No one was getting along....because of a dog! Polly came to the house and spent almost two hours assessing the situation and gave us a few simple solutions - and within a couple days, life was 100% better. I highly recommend Polly to train your dog....and your family!"

-- Rebecca, Red Hook

Meet Pepper, a sweetie we love


Polly 's training techniques were amazing!  She taught my dog Shane and trained me as well. Polly started with Shane when he was about 3 months old.  As puppy he was too playful, too annoying, too aggressive and in general, too difficult.  Thank you Polly for giving me the opportunity to have a happy, lovable, calm, and well trained Shane.

- - Sonny, Hudson Valley

Meet Shane, the goldendoodle who shines

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