In-Home Training 

SIRIUS PLAY knows your dog can thrive and be a valued member of your family with proper training.

We implement structure, rules, exercise and a sense of humor, to give you and your dog the best experience possible, while making sure proper perspective is maintained We will guide you both along this journey with our renowned reward-based, practical and fun training. We maximize the entire process by emphasizing problem-solving, the most effective tool for dog and owner.

Our philosophy

- Give lots of individual attention to each and every case..

- Strongly emphasize problem solving for both canine and human.

- Encourage open discussion about wanted and unwanted

  behaviors and how they are rewarded and reinforced.

- Offer  puppy programs to help get your

  new puppy set up in your home.

- Guide you through crate-training, house-breaking and other crucial elements involved in raising a well-adjusted, happy puppy.

- Offer one-on-one  training covering basic manners, recall, leash walking, day-to-day management and behaviors every dog should know.

-Practical, science-based solutions for problem behaviors such as barking, jumping up, not coming when called, leash pulling and many more.

Our private in-home training (most popular!)

This is our most popular option. In the comfort and familiarity of your home, Polly works with you  individually.. It starts with an in-home training consultation where we assess what your goals are and create a customized a plan that fits your needs. 

Call us today to learn about our training programs and to schedule your first session.

Cash, checks and Venmo accepted.

Our group classes

Sirius Play is now offering in-home training. Classes by request only by groups of 6 or more.  Contact Sirius Play for more details. 


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