Meet Polly

Hello. I'm Polly Kaplan, the proud owner of Sirius Play Dog Training,  I'd like to tell you a little about myself.  I've always found it easy to relate to animals. My mother used to say I liked to talk to the dog more than people. She was right. I was very shy, but not around our pets which included dogs, cats, guinea pigs, gerbils, parakeets, lizards and fish. If I sometimes felt ill at ease with people, I always felt relaxed and myself around animals. They gave me unconditional love and acceptance and never judged me.

One of my goals as a dog trainer is to teach owners to relate to their dogs in a way that is appropriate, satisfying and enriching for for both dog and themselves. People need to see their dogs for what they are, understand and work with their temperament, personality and demeanor. When I introduce a new behavior to an owner and his or her dog, some are skeptical that they and/or their dog will never get it. But they always do, and it is incredibly gratifying for everyone.

Dog training provides a great life lesson. Our training is reward based. We use food rewards the majority of the time. As the dog becomes conditioned to verbal and physical cues from its owner, food rewards are gradually faded out. Dogs love food. It is life to them and when training a new behavior, it keeps them motivated and happy. Training sessions are kept short, fun and are tailored to fit each dog and owner. One of our roles is to help you discover what it is that best motivates your dog.

My hope is that your life can be as enriched as mine has been by dogs. I hope you can experience the child-like joy that a healthy relationship with your dog can bring. I have benefited from the highest level of experience, instruction and inspiration and would like to pass that on to you during the journey you take with your dog.

Please join me.


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